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Chun Yuen Quan was passed down over many generations from the Shaolin temple through the Chinese Opera.

It is characterised by its clear postures and lightness. Practicing these forms improves posture, strengthens joints and improves fitness.

Some of the forms include Xing Shou, Five Tiger Broadsword, Damo Staff and Green Dragon Sword.

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Chun Yuen Quan (Chun Yuen Fist) originated in the Northern Shaolin Temple. Originally a form of Long Fist, it found its way into the Beijing opera and was refined as a performance art. The skill was passed to Grandmaster Wu Chun Yuen by a gentleman of the name Wang Ping.

Grandmaster Wu practiced this art daily and continued to do so for over 40 years. He regularly spent his mornings practicing in the Park, and teaching people who sought his tuition. It was here that Master Michael Tse began to study with him, returning year after year to continue learning from his Sifu.

Grandmaster Wu Chun Yuen continued practicing until passing away at the age of 77 in 2003.

Master Michael Tse decided to name the skill Chun Yuen in honour of his teacher.


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What will I learn?

Learning begins with the warm up movements developed by Master Michael Tse. Numerous levels were developed to stretch and strenghen the body to ensure that the Chun Yuen forms can be performed well. You will then move on to learn the Xing Shou (Style Hand) form, which contains many of the basic movements contained with the Chun Yuen style.

Once this form has been learned and has become comfortable to perform, you will then progress to learn Da Bei Gong (Great Sadness Gong), Damo Staff, Five Tiger Breaking the Gate Knife and Green Dragon sword etc.

As you progress through the system, you will find your fitness and agility improve, your joints become stronger, your posture becomes straighter and your body feel lighter.

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Chun Yuen

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